Viláchan Villa - Galicia

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Galicia, the westernmost province of Spain, is defined by Atlantic Ocean and Sierra de S. Mamede, near Ourense. The inhabitants of Galicia (Gallegos) have their own distinct customs and language. They enjoy inviting both neighbours and strangers alike to partake in their fine foods and wines. You can find a wide range of superb Albarino wines, fish and seafood on the coast, to the heartier reds and meats inland. A gastronomic delight awaits you at the end of a day's touring or enjoying the sun on one of Galicia's unspoilt beaches.

In the most Southern point of Galicia, is the municipality of Tomiño and one of its districts Vilachán. Vilachán is situated in this land of tradition and culture dating back to Celtic times, in Spain's unspoilt Costa Verde, with its rivers and mountains.
Vilachán's beautiful mountain side landscape is covered by its vineyards, Altos de Torona. From there you can enjoy unforgettable views towards the mountains of Portugal and the river Miño.

In this charming spot of Galicia, we have on offer a luxurious 4 bedroom villa for max. 6 pers., in which to spend a relaxing holiday. Read more...